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The Wolf

Teacher~Pathfinder~Keen Senses~Awareness

The wolf represents your inner teacher.

It will help you to find your life path.

In Native American traditions, Wolf is said to be "teacher" medicine. Humans have followed Wolf for millennia, studying Wolf's ways of the hunt, learning from their social structure. Wolf is allied with Sirus, the Dog Star, and it is said in many cultures, that our ancestors and teachers came from there. This is agreed upon by certain Native American tribes. Wolf has much to teach us, if only we will listen.

Wolf is allied to the moon and lunar energies, teaching us to respect our emotions and unconscious urges. Respect for the wildness of our animal natures, and willingness to face the dark within ourselves is an imperative for Wolf people. Trust in the unspoiled nature of your Child/Wolf self.

Because the Moon rules perception, Wolf people should work on learning to trust their intuition to listen for the still small voice within.

Ritual is very important to Wolf. Both the small rituals of day-to-day conduct, and the larger rituals of lunar howling. Whatever their spiritual beliefs, Wolf people will feel more in tune when they honor and re-link with the life force.

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